Friday 9 December 2016

BRENDA SCHMIDT (Creighton, Sask.)

Yoga, you note, is what real leaders do
On boardroom tables
Uplifting the masses with asses

Firmly pointed at glass ceilings
Underhanded simply meaning
Confining the edge with a grip
Kinky types get off on, so you stretch truth
Instead of just sitting there, do the downward dig
Nodding and tweeting up a snowstorm
Governing the climate of each well-

Dressed cheek accordingly knowing the chair,
Inert when empty, ergonomic, and fully adjustable,
Can practically roll from Washington all the way to
Kansas or Montana with a simple push. Note:
Will crooked Canada, wherever that is, stop sending
All those freeloading snow geese
Down to do the dead pose in America’s open pit?

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