Wednesday 7 December 2016


Yes, we can't
One or two or three nations of morons, maybe dozens
United under a
Flag barred from fire and a fire not to be put out —
Underneath the new broad circus tent of protection, predation,
                 masochism and an unreflective
Cerebral sadism, a train off the rails, no emergency brake or room for
Kanye to breathe enough – an eerie
Insulin shock brought by a sound and fury signifying
Nothing; It's not really all that welcome or
Good but please
Donald, we won't ask and won't tell
It's a time for silence and acquired tastes beaten down by
Cults in pizza shops that are more real than climate change and
Knightly manners may be a little berserk, you've great gladiators!
With a fine new emperor in the command of their storms
A new day begins for
Death from below

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