Saturday 10 December 2016


Yesterday was better, yes we will change things, he suggested.
On the line he places billionaires vested in themselves

Under covers, coil and recoil, I watched rants and numbers
Flutter across invisible signals.

Ugliness rears its head in (front of) us all.

Cars are called by a phone app called Uber.
Kids hear better than the rest of us, identify difference.
Ice melts are shifting the jet stream. But
No we are not responsible for any of this.

Give me another whiskey. License bad
Decisions. Everything is off kilter.
If only we could stake it all on satire.

Consider counting down the days with good news. This
Kris Kringle kills my buzz. I can’t
Watch Home Alone 2 without cringing.
Arnold will have to carry me through, along with
Donald Duck as Scrooge.

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