Thursday 8 December 2016

MARK LABA (Vancouver)

Yellowish pelage with pinkish underparts, this
Organ-grinding toad nourished through his rectum,
Under or between the seats the gravedigger calls,
Funny how the suckers flock to the parasites,
Unctuous film
Covering their gargoyle skin.
Kissing cousins and contagious kings
Interred in a harem of past, present and future shuddering,
“Now,” said the President,
“Give me some murmuring chickens and I’ll show you my
Demon breasts and manure dance.”
In his little black book he wrote,
“Class dismissed, grab your garters and Canton dialect,”
Knuckle hair nimbus incandescent and radiating
Womb death
As he groped about the shrimp boats and evening gowns,
Dumb as a waterboard on its wedding night.

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