Sunday 11 December 2016


You realize why no one voted for you in New York, right?
Or do you? You overgrown mutant
Uterus from the 2nd dimension. I watched
Fifty billion marathon runners pickling disfigured syringes
Under their arms as they stood paralyzed awaiting the
Crow of the cock at the feet of a century
Killing six baker’s dozen seagulls from a bored shadow universe
Into our distorted star system where
Nuance is no substitute for the sensation of blood,
Grits, and your
Dicksucking cabinet of homophobic hypocrites.
I am not impressed.
Could you at least not
Kill Chuck Berry, Paul McCartney, John Cale, and
Wim Wenders?
And while you’re at it, could you accomplish one redeemable, even
Decent thing in the next four years?

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