Wednesday, 7 December 2016


How But Yet How What

yahoo buttress, how did you creep
out from your crib, buttering up
ulterior uglies
u! yes,
cussing does nothing but
kill discussion yet what is there to say and anyhow
idiots love
names, love shoving words around like language is a
gag, how braggadocious mouthfuls of
delusional churls are pearls to dense brains, how false
information ignites the insane, and so
            how can truth get a word in edgewise of gibberish
communication but that’s the game. sense is no fuel for violence and violence
keels for how else can the people know how to feel and
what white want to hone—yet no big words will erase how
america was never great but always huge with
dumb discord & disgrace

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