Friday 9 December 2016

J.M. FRANCHETEAU (Harrow, Ont.)


Yuge and baffling the task before you.

On every principal’s wall, in every post office,

Under the portrait of Obama, less

Faded than the surrounding paint,

Unseen, a white space awaits another white face.

Consider Charlemagne, King of Franks, and his
Kingdom that could not outlast his power:

In a thousand years, how will your

Name ring out?

Great again, or a shovelful of worms,

Dented coins of the realm,

Insult hidden in every mention.

Consider your billions in people now, our billions.

Keep quiet a sec: listen to the breaths. This

We who carry you like a wound includes you;

And you must include all of us,

Dark figures massing at the borders of night.

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