Thursday, 8 December 2016


Presidential Prayer

you and I are reasonably close in age, Donald 
our time on earth has been lucky for the both of us
unless you decide to throw sand in the works now

for what seems like forever but it has only been a year, your
ugly promises have spewed forth like a bursting pustule of
cancerous intentions defying logic and reason and soul
know that this is not the way
inside that ornate orange husk there must be a human
now is the time to be that man instead of an evil Caliban
grow a heart instead of that selfish coal

did no one love you as a child
is it time for you to be held, read to as slumber approaches
can kindness break the bleak out of you
know we are now in your hands
wonder at the wonder of this
and find compassion, astonish us all
dare to be kind

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