Wednesday 7 December 2016

GARY BARWIN (Hamilton, Ont.)

Acrostic the Ocean

You are not my grandfather’s pants
Or my grandmother’s

Forget it, we are decent people
Under small birds, small birds’ feet, they’d say

Courage is me when I strangled the people shouting
“Kike” who’d assembled on the lawn
Interesting fact: I didn’t

Gadkas is what my grandparents would’ve called their underwear
Desperate, they emigrated from Eastern Europe
Interesting fact #2: everything they had was in one suitcase
Carried by fingers in a grip controlled by a brain that remembered

Krakanova was the name of their town, now Jewless, but they remembered
Why did I mention the pants and underpants of my grandparents?
Analysis: to emphasize that they were naked, half naked, unprotected and vulnerable but
Despite that, their small feet held up their small bodies and they didn’t die until old, late last year.

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