Wednesday, 7 December 2016

JOSH DORF (New York City)

You can't imagine how it felt that night 
Out of the blue my bubble popped
Unreal sensations
Feeling off-kilter
Unhinged from reality
Can't believe this is happening
Killer bees would be better
Instead of her we got him
Now I'm getting pissed off
Goddamn the Dems screwed this up
Don't they realize what they've done?
Instead of celebrating we have to resist
Canada isn't an option – no disrespect
Kvetching isn't going to help either
We need to get together and become 

1 comment:

  1. The slow motion train wreck

    is piling up
    cars of people hurt
    askew strewn awry
    crying why why

    it began in late July
    a light dimmed

    #demexit one said
    #JillnotHill another
    and the elites laughed
    and said
    they'll come around

    #demexit they did instead
    you fools
    the elites screamed
    Nader all over again
    not laughing now

    unaware they already lost
    in July late July
    when they tossed
    reason out

    December wreckage
    slowly unfolding
    car on car in
    rolling roiling ruin

    people dazed by demons
    stagger into darkness
    willing or not
    the revolution